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June 18 - 21 2012

32nd Nordic Conference of Ethnology and Folkloristics

Scandic Bergen City
The old wharf, "Bryggen"

Call for papers

The following panels are selected by the Conference Comittee, and Call for paper opens.
Deadline is 10 January 2012.
Please address abstracts to panel convenors with a copy to panel@bergen2012.no.
Panels with selected abstracts are posted on this home page before 15 February 2012. 

01_Heimo & Latvala: History Culture and Selected Pasts
02_Blaakilde: Aldringens kulturelle dynamikker
03_Ekström: Vad är maritim etnologi ?
04_Fortier & Touraille: Gendering body and sexuality: the making of unequal desires
05_Ågotnes & Heiret: Kulturelle forskjeller og sosial ulikhet
06_Jönsson: Skratt och humor. En session om et allvarligt ämne
07_Klinkmann: Identitet, etnicitet, minoritet...?
Om intersektionalitet och hanteringsstrategier i debatter och kulturmöten
08_KPFF: Kvinnor gör rum
09_Lappi & Ruotsala: Shaping places through cultural encounters
10_Lindelöf: Sports, women and the cultural dynamics of difference
11_Marander: Traditionernas återkomst - the reinvention of traditions
12_Graden: Embodying the North
13_Nilsson & Hansson: Medical transgressions: changing boundaries in health care and biomedicine
14_Zackariasson: Permeable boundaries? 
Categories, conflicts and belonging in young people's everyday life
15_Palmgren et al: Rum för kroppen
16_Petterson et al: Mobility of Expertize Knowledge. Transfer, transgression and transitions
17_Olsson: Practices of contestation: producing Cultural Knowledge "from below"
18_Vallström  "Plocka russinen ur kakkan eller missa jesusbarnet i krubban?"
Om etnologers användning av historiskt material

Important dates:

• Call for panels opens 25 October 2010
• Panel session proposals are being sent to the Conference Committee by  1 June 2011
• Panel selection is made by the Conference Committee by 23 June 2011
• Call for paper opens 23 June 2011
• Abstracts are addressed to panel convenors by 10 January 2012

Panels with abstracts are posted online by 15 February 2012.


Call for panel

We hereby invite colleagues, both individuals and research groups, to propose panels directed at the general theme of the conference.
All proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Committee, and there will be made a selection.

Call for papers opens immediately after the panel selection has been posted online. Abstracts will be sent to the panel convenors, who are responsible for the selection and the organization of their panel.
Convenors forward the programme for their panel session to the Conference Committee, which reviews the composition of the panels, and may move contributions between panels.

The program will run over four days, starting with an opening event with key note speakers Monday afternoon, followed by two and a half days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning) with panel sessions and concluding with key note speakers.

Panels are to be sent to panel@bergen2012.no


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